Tuck Everlasting 2022 Playbill

What would you do if you had all eternity? Eleven-year-old Winnie Foster yearns for a life of adventure beyond her white picket fence, but not until she becomes unexpectedly entwined with the Tuck Family does she get more than she could have imagined. When Winnie learns of the magic behind the Tuck’s unending youth, she must fight to protect their secret from those who would do anything for a chance at eternal life. As her adventure unfolds, Winnie faces an extraordinary choice: return to her life, or continue with the Tucks on their infinite journey.

Show dates are Nov 17-19 at 7pm in the Sherwood High School auditorium.

Musical Numbers

Setting: Treegap, New Hampshire and its surrounding wood

Time: August 1893, with a few exceptions

Act 1:

“Live Like This”- Mae, Winnie, Angus, Jesse, Miles, Man in the Yellow Suit, Ensemble
“Good Girl, Winnie Foster” – Winnie, Ensemble
“Join the Parade” – Man in the Yellow Suit, Ensemble
“Good Girl, Winnie Foster Reprise” – Winnie
“Top of the World” – Jesse, Winnie
“Hugo’s First Case” – Hugo
“Story of the Tucks” – Mae, Jesse, Miles
“My Most Beautiful Day” – Mae, Angus, Ensemble
“The Attic” – Winnie
“Join the Parade Reprise” – Man in the Yellow Suit, Ensemble
“Partner in Crime” – Winnie, Jesse, Ensemble
“Seventeen” – Jesse, Winnie, Man in the Yellow Suit, Ensemble

Act 2:

“Everything’s Golden” – Man in the Yellow Suit, Ensemble
“Seventeen Reprise” – Winnie
“Time” – Miles
“Time Reprise Quartet” – Miles, Mae, Angus, Jesse
“Everything’s Golden Reprise” – Man in the Yellow Suit
“You Can’t Trust a Man” – Constable Joe, Hugo
“The Wheel” – Angus, Winnie, Ensemble
“Story of the Man in the Yellow Suit” – Man in the Yellow Suit
“Everlasting” – Winnie
“The Story of Winnie Foster” – Orchestra
“The Wheel Reprise” – Company

Cast List

Jesse Tuck – Camden Daiker

Mae Tuck – Ellise Newton

Miles Tuck – Derec Gregory

Angus Tuck – Benny Matlock

Winnie Foster – Delaney Hagfeldt

Man In The Yellow Suit – Grant Aanderud

Mother – Clara Mellinger

Nana – Lily Knepper

Hugo – Edwin Johnson

Constable Joe – Alice Giles

Miles’ son, Thomas – Avery Mellinger

Miles’ wife – Zoe Gillice

Winnie’s son – Miles Shuckerow

Dance Team – Adalia Henderson, AJ Jernstedt, Amanda Starling, Anna Vee Phillips, Caden Cole, Charlotte Swartout, Clarissa Flores, Delaney Nielsen, Emma Young, Kiara Valladares, Megan Ramos, Sabrina Urban, Triston Martin, Zaid Tareq

Ensemble – Abigail Bishop, Anja Lindgren, Brooklyn Buck, Ciara Schweigert, Dalia Haner, Isabelle Moon, Jack Fairman, Jadyn Cochran, Kaelyn Perlmutter, Kyle Mershon, Kylie Davenport, Lillian Renard, Macy NewMyer, Mikayla Weidman, Salem Yelton, Samantha Swarts, Sophie Fletcher, Taylor Dearinger, Zoe Gillice

Understudies – Amanda Starling (Mother, Nana), Charlotte Swartout (Winnie), Kiara Valladares (Mae)

Production Team

Director – Robyn Folsom

Music Director – Kathy Shuckerow

Assistant Director/Choreographer – Tara Porter

Vocal Coach – Karen Porter

Technical Director – Kristen Hartman

Stage Manager – Cory McNutt

Tech Crew – Addie Montgomery, Amarys Martínez, Belle Duncantell, Claire Baldridge, Emery Boisvert, Emily Switzer, Ethan Quirie, Gabriela Rojas, Jenna Bishop, Kulia Mc Laughlin, Lauren Branine, Payton Rettig, Samantha Demcak, Sophie NewMyer, Soren Svenson

Set Construction – Robert Eli Taylor

Additional painting and prop assembly – Tech Crew

Costuming – Michelle Crosby, Aimee Daiker, Allie Edinger, Coraline Clark

Glam (Hair & Makeup): Pamela Whitchurch, Rana Kaddumi, Carol-Jean Pemberton, Risa Hetrick, Isabelle Garland

Photography: Jeff Peters

Videography: Hayden Konstantin

House Manager, Booster President: Ambria Newton

Box Office: Marcy Nielsen, Lisa Swartout

Special thanks to the Performing Arts Boosters and Families! Thank you to Mason Hartman and the Taylor family for all their help. Thank you to Izzy Garland for an amazing clown, Monica Yelton for fun cotton candy, and Caleb Chan for behind the scenes tech help. Thank you to Shannon Miller for acting coaching. Thank you to Tabatha Copley, Shannon Miller, Parvati Bhaskaran, Kylie Johnson, Aisha Abdelaziz for costuming help. And thank you to Adam Mitchell, Katie Voss, and SHS Administration and district office! We appreciate you!