Puffs Playbill 2022

For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs…who just happened to be there, too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world. Join our Sherwood High School students as they share the life and times of the Puffs during their seven year stint at a certain magic school March 3-5 at 7 PM in the Sherwood High School Auditorium. Rated PG.

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Scene List



Welcome to the Puffs


The Feast 

Back in the Common Room 

A Trio is Born 

Wayne and Cedric 

The End of the Year


Year Two 

Dueling Club and Harry Wants to Kill Everyone

More Terror in the Common Room 

The Heir of Snakes

A Great Hall Again/End of Year Again 



Year Three


A Great Hall Slumber Party

Field Trip 

Letters, Again 


Goblets. Fires.

Not Forgivable Curses

Days Before the First Task 

The First Task

Dates for the Ball

A Bathroom 

The Yule Tide Ball 

The Second Task and the Subtleties of Lake Watching 

Wayne and Cedric 

The Third Task 


Letters Again 


Welcome Back

Hopkins, Potter, and Emotions

The Rest of Year Five 

The Dark Lord


Snogging 101

Later, in the Hallway 

Perks of Love


End of Year Six Where Nothing Major Happens

A Funeral and Instant Messaging 


The End Begins 

A Great Hall Again 

The Battle

A Very White Room

Nineteen Years Blah, Blah. An Epilogue.

Please no video or photography during the performance.

CAST (in order of appearance)

Laura Johnson – Narrator

Dallin Baggaley – Very Tall Man, Ernie Mac

Clover McKenzie – First Headmaster, Sorting Hat, Prof McG, Prof Sproutty, Prof Lanny,  Runes Teach, Ms Babble, Death Buddy

Kristen Hornibrook – Potions Teacher, Mirror Reflection, Ric Gryff, Zach Smith, Real Mr Moody, Bathroom Cast

Kyle Mershon – Uncle Dave, Fat Friar,  Clumsy Longbottom, Viktor, DJ, Death Buddy

Michael Mallick – Wayne Hopkins

Makenzie Leonard – Seamus Finnigan, Ghost History Teach, Prof Locky, Rowena, Rita Scooter, Dragon, Bathroom Cast, Death Buddy

Mekayla Freeman – Anthony Goldstein, Ginny, Frenchy, Death Buddy

Ellise Newton – Hermeoone, Colin, Second Headmaster, Mr Bagman, Myrtle, Death Buddy

Emma LaBounty – Goyle, MIrror Reflection, Mr Nick, Security Guard, Hermeoone #3, Helga, Bathroom Cast, Death Buddy

Camden Daiker – Harry, Hermeoone #2  

Amanda Starling – Leanne

Kori McNutt – J Finch Fletchley

Allie Edinger – Susie Bones, Scorpius Malfoy 

Makynlee Sitton – Sally Perks, Blondo Malfoy, Bippy Elf

Jenny Kroon – Hannah, Xavia Jones 

Leo Boisvert – Oliver Rivers  

Claire Shipman – Megan Jones  

Derec Gregory – Cedric, Sports Announcer, Mr Voldy

Brooke Heimark – Prof Turban, Mirror Reflection, Snake, Sal, Bathroom Cast, Death Buddy


Director – Joe Dalton

Technical Director – Kristen Hartman

Costuming – Michelle Crosby, Maddux Gillett

Set Construction – Robert Eli Taylor

Set Painting – Moriah Kearsley

Props – Heather Godsey, Emery Boisvert, Cast & Crew

Castle Portraits – Megan Radocha

3D Art – Elliana Overcamp

Glam – Pamela Whitchurch, Carol-Jean Pemberton, Rana Kaddumi, Risa Hetrick

Photography – Jeff Peters

Videography – Hayden Konstantin

Tech Crew – Letitia Adjei (Stage Manager), Amarys Martinez, Caleb Chan, Claire Worthy, Emery Boisvert, Emily Switzer, Emma Young, Kulia McLaughlin, Madison Black, Megan Aanderud, Nele Widmer, Martyna Fierek

House Manager – Jeff Shipman, Ambria Newton

Box Office – Marcy Nielsen

Producer – Robyn Folsom

Special thanks to the Performing Arts Boosters and Families! Thank you to Shannon Miller for your sewing wizardry. And thank you to Adam Mitchell, Katie Voss, and SHS Administration and District Office! We couldn’t do this without you!