Disney’s High School Musical Playbill 2022

Disney Channel’s smash hit movie musical comes to life on your stage! Basketball team captain, Troy, discovers that the brainy Gabriella has just enrolled at East High. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the high school musical. Although many students resent the threat posed to the “status quo,” Troy and Gabriella’s alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well. Performances are at Sherwood High School April 28-30.

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Song List


East High – Monday 7:45am

  • Wildcat Cheer – Company
  • Start of Something New – Troy, Gabriella, Company

Ms Darbus’s Homeroom – Monday 8:00am

Hallway – Monday 8:15am

Gym – Monday 8:30am

  • Getcha Head in the Game – Troy, Jocks

Chemistry Lab – Monday 2:00pm

Theater – Monday 3:00pm

Theater – Tuesday 3:00pm

  • Auditions – Thespians
  • What I’ve Been Looking For – Sharpay, Ryan
  • What I’ve Been Looking For Reprise – Troy, Gabriella

Various Places – Tuesday evening

  • Cellular Fusion – Taylor, Chad, Martha, Zeke, Kelsi, Sharpay, Ryan

Cafeteria – Wednesday noon

  • Stick to the Status Quo – Zeke, Martha, Ripper, Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Company


Rooftop Garden – Wednesday 12:30pm

  • I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Troy, Gabriella

Sharpay’s Locker – Wednesday 12:30pm

Study Hall – Wednesday 1:00pm

Gym – Wednesday 3:30pm

  • Wildcat Cheer Reprise – Cheerleaders

Locker Room / Lab – Wednesday 4:00pm

  • Counting on You – Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Martha, Jocks, Brainiacs
  • When There Was Me and You – Gabriella, Troy, Jocks, Brainiacs

Rehearsal Room – Thursday 12:30pm

Theater – Thursday 12:45pm

  • Start of Something New Reprise – Troy, Gabriella

Study Hall – Thursday 1:00pm

  • We’re All in This Together – Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Kelsi, Martha, Company

Locker Room & Gym / Theater / Lab – Friday 3:00pm

  • Bop to the Top – Sharpay, Ryan, Company
  • Breaking Free – Troy, Gabriella, Company

Gym – Friday 5:00pm

  • We’re All in This Together Reprise – Company
  • High School Musical Megamix – Company

Cliques and Characters of East High School


Troy Bolton – Camden Daiker

Chad Danforth – Derec Gregory

Zeke Baylor – Benny Matlock

Jason – Gavin Fleming

Other Basketball Players – Abby Jernstedt, Brooklyn Buck, Leo Grosso, Morgan Matlock, Parker Carleton

Cheerleaders – Allie Edinger, Ava Grunow, Charlotte Swartout, Delaney Nielsen, Ellise Newton, Emma Young, Emma Austin, Grace Travnicek, Madison Urban, Makynlee Sitton 


Gabriella Montez – Jenny Kroon

Taylor McKessie – Maddux Gillett

Martha Cox – Delaney Hagfeldt

Kratnoff – Clara Mellinger

Other Brainiacs – Amanda Starling, Anja Lindgren, Megan Ramos, Parvati Bhaskaran, Samantha Demcak, Sophie NewMyer


Sharpay Evans – Claire Shipman

Ryan Evans – Finley Boyer

Kelsi Neilson – Madeline Green

James – Morgan Matlock

Susan – Kaitlin Ard

Cathy – Birgitta Hust

Alan – Ciara Schweigert

Cyndra – Kiara Valladares

Jackie Scott – Alice Giles

Other Thespians – Grant Aanderud, Jenna Miller, Kyle Mershon, Mason McKechnie


Ripper – Grant Aanderud

Mongo – Kyle Mershon

Other Skaters – Kiara Valladares, Mason McKechnie, Laura Johnson, Oscar Giles


Ms Darbus – Laura Johnson

Coach Bolton – Oscar Giles

Ms Tenny – Amanda Starling

Karaoke MC – Parker Carleton


Benny Matlock (Troy, Chad, Ryan), Delaney Hagfeldt (Taylor), Ellise Newton (Sharpay), Leo Grosso (Zeke), Makynlee Sitton (Kelsi, Martha), Madeline Green (Gabriella)

Production Team

Director – Robyn Folsom

Music Director – Kathy Shuckerow

Assistant Director / Technical Director – Kristen Hartman

Choreographer – Tara Porter

Set & Props – Robert Eli Taylor, Amy Gillett

Costuming – Michelle Crosby, Kimberly Roberts, Andrea Sitton, Julie Austin, Kylie Johnson

Glam – Pamela Whitchurch, Rana Kaddumi, Risa Hetrick, Carol-Jean Pemberton, Heather Newton

Tech Crew – Clover McKenzie (Stage Manager), Alyssa Camp, Amarys Martinez, Caleb Chan, Claire Baldridge, Claire Worthy, Emily Switzer, Grayson Roberts, Halle Schweigert, Kendall Balderree, Korina McNutt, Kulia McLaughlin, Letitia Adjei, William Schaeffer

Photography – Jeff Peters

Videography – Hayden Konstantin

House Manager – Jeff Shipman

Box Office – Marcy Nielsen

Volunteer Coordinator – Ambria Newton

Special thanks to the Performing Arts Boosters and Families! And thank you to Adam Mitchell, Katie Voss, and SHS Administration and district office! We couldn’t do this without you!