Emma: A Pop Musical Auditions

SHS Bowmen Theatre is pleased to announce auditions for Emma: A Pop Musical

Rehearsals will begin Feb 20. Tech Week & Performances will be April 12-13, 18-20.

Auditions forms due by midnight, Wednesday January 17.

  1. Complete this online audition form.
  2. Send a one-minute background track of a memorized Broadway-style song to jdalton @ sherwood.k12.or.us with the subject line “FIRST & LAST NAME Audition Track”
  3. You will receive a reply once we’ve got your track!


We will all meet in the auditorium at 3:30-6:00 on Friday, January 19th. Then actors will be split into two groups, one to sing their songs individually in the black box theatre, while the others will be learning and performing a dance (wear comfortable clothing and shoes!). Then the two groups will switch. Once you’ve completed your dance audition and sung your song, you are cleared to leave.


By invitation only on Monday, January 22 3:30-6 pm. Students will be notified if they need to attend the callbacks. In order to ensure a smooth and timely callback session, we only callback those in consideration for a principal role. Therefore, you still may be in the ensemble or dance team if you aren’t at callbacks!

At callbacks students will be given small sections of the script to read together, learn small sections of songs to sing, and possibly learn a short dance so the directors can decide who is going to be each character.

Rehearsals and Production Week

Emma Calendar

Rehearsals will begin February 20 and are generally Mon-Thu 3:30-6pm.

After Spring Break on April 1st, we will switch to 6-9pm rehearsals to integrate the orchestra.

Tech Week will be every day the April 8-11, 17, times approximately 5-10.

Performances will be April 12-13, 18-20.


We understand that students will occasionally have conflicts. But we have a limited amount of time to rehearse, and we need every minute. No more than two rehearsal absences. No absences during Tech Week & Performances. Please do not schedule appointments or other activities during rehearsals. If an absence is unavoidable, please email details.

If you are absent due to illness, we will communicate with you on a case-by-case basis to determine the best plan for moving forward and trying to keep the student in the cast.

Two unexcused absences will lead to dismissal from the show.