A Midsummer Night’s Dream Playbill 2022

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, residents of Athens get mixed up with fairies and magic resulting in confusion, comedy, and captivating action. The congress of mortals and fairies in the forest transports viewers into another world. Meanwhile, a group of Athenian tradesmen, led by Peter Quince, are planning to perform a play in celebration of the Duke’s wedding. As mischievous spirits incite quarrels between the lovers, and the gods they serve, this eventful story is packed full of unexpected twists and turns. Performances are at Sherwood High School May 20-22.

The Players

Hermia – Makynlee Sitton

Lysander – Derec Gregory

Helena – Maddux Gillett

Demetrius – Camden Daiker

Theseus – Emery Boisvert

Hippolyta – Analee Peters

Egeus – Jackson Mershon

Philostrate – Elise Newton

Nick Bottom – Oscar Giles

Peter Quince – Clover McKenzie

Francis Flute – Korina McNutt

Tom Snout – Dallin Baggaley

Snug – Amanda Starling

Robin Starveling – Emma Young

Oberon – Leo Boisvert

Titania – Claire Shipman

Robin Goodfellow, Puck – Edwin Johnson

A Fairy – Emily Switzer

Peaseblossom – Ciara Schweigert

Cobweb – Madison Black

Moth – Mekayla Freeman

Mustardseed – Anna Phillips